When it comes to converting 8mm film and 16mm cine films to DVD, Video to DVD offers the highest quality as most companies simply run the film through a film projector, we use a film transfer machine to ensure the highest quality without losing original frame size.

Our high resolution film transfer machine process adjusts the film speed and stabilises the image resulting in the highest quality by capturing the full frame size directly off the film using a cold light source which ensures vibrant colours and impeccably sharp, flicker free image film transfer.

Dont let these Memories fade, preserve your film memories from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's for years to come by allowing us to convert your special film memories to DVD today.
Editing service, titles, music, extra copies offered on all 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm cine films.

8mm CINE Film Small
Super silent (diameter 8cm) 50ft

R90.00 per Reel
R90.00 each to Hard Drive

8mm CINE Film Medium
Super silent (diameter 12.5cm) 200ft
R140.00 per Reel
R140.00 each to Hard Drive

8mm CINE Film Large
Super silent(diameter 18cm) 400ft
R230 per Reel
R230 per reel to Hard Drive

cine film

8mm CINE Film Xtra Large
Super silen (diameter 38cm) 600ft
R300 per Reel
R300 per reel to Hard Drive

16mm CINE Film Small
Silent (diameter 8cm) 50ft
R79 per Reel
R79 per reel to Hard Drive

16mm CINE FilmMedium
Silent (diameter 18cm) 400ft
R139 per Reel
R139 per reel to Hard Drive

16mm CINE FilmLarge
Silent (diameter 24cm) 800ft
R199 per Reel
R199 per reel to Hard Drive

16mm CINE FilmExtra Large
Silent (diameter 38cm) 20000ft
R349 per Reel
R349 per reel to Hard Drive